Sunday, June 9, 2013

So this is normal...

We bought a house a little over a month ago, and by the grace of God, cupcake orders have been very light. Otherwise, I would have gotten nothing done and gone crazy at the same time.
With this new found free time, I've been able to do things that I haven't had time to do in so long. Like clean...a room other than the kitchen that is.   This weekend I was especially free to be, what I discovered I missed A LOT, a "normal" mom/wife. Now clearly that is a blanket statement, but you know what I mean. In a life of cupcakes and cookies, ideas, decorations and flavor combinations, I took great pleasure in doing a load of laundry. I love my cupcake life, but I throughly enjoyed having time to hang my family pictures and put together a night table, and change my sheets and read to my kid. I miss these moments.
Hats off to all of the "normal" moms, and to the momtreprenures as well.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oh where do I begin...

I feel like Babycakes Couture has grown by leaps and bounds since I last blogged. I have truly missed it. In the beginning the thoughts and ideas came so easily to me and I had spare time to devote to proper posts. These days, time is not on my side. If anybody knows of a way to get more than 24 hours out of a day, please let me know.

Even with the lack of spare time, the ideas and conversations that I want to have with you have always been there but I never seem to get around to creating a post. I really want to be better and I am truly going to try. I have lots of things that I could blame for the lack of blogging that would really get me off the hook. Namely, looking for, and buying a house and then moving... that's a biggie. Then there's the Cupcake Smash which I entered and lost. I'm still mad about that. And then the abundance of orders I've been blessed with recently. Building a brand is hard work and I am having a ball doing it.

So with that said, here I am typing a blog post. I hunkered down and I'm doing it. Well, I did it, because I think that's all I've got for now. But, I'll be back...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Healing Hands...

I had hand surgery on January 16, 2013. Hand surgery when you're an artist is a scary thing.
What if the doc hit a nerve?? What if I could not longer use my hand?? Mind you, this was a minor surgery for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome; something that has been pestering me for the longest time. The more I cupcake, the more my hand and arm hurt. Hopefully in the coming days and weeks, I will begin to feel that the surgery was worth it. As of right now... eh, not so much. My hand is still sore and stiff and with my nerves waking up I have random "sparks" as I like to call them. They hurt! I do see progress though.

Today I baked my first batch since the surgery. It was so good to hear Penny (my mixer) purr and smell that sweet Babycakes scent in the house. It's been a while.Only one batch of blondies today, and it's a good thing because by the time I was half through the icing I started feeling the sparks. Baby steps I guess. I have a bouquet due on Friday so I best get it together.
The next test is piping... the real work.
Wish me luck!